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We are a full stack web development and marketing company.

Web Design

From simple beginnings on a humble notepad, we craft a basic design. We share this design with you as a starting point, and begin our back-and-forth on making your brand as powerful and as marketable as possible.

Web Programming

After we design, we start developing. Our development ensures that your site is robust and can do anything - from a simple edit on the frontpage, to a secure complex and multilayered credit card payment system.


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Technical Blog

How To Port An Umbraco Site from SQL Server CE to a more robust SQL Server

So, you're interested in porting over your Umbraco site from SQL Server CE. There are a number of benefits, the most important of which is scale and security: SQL Server CE can only contain up to four gigabytes of information and is fast approaching being out of date and unsupported. Naturally, as a site administrator, you'd prefer to use SQL Server from this decade.  Here's what I did. Step 1: Port over your current database. Step 2: Import the generated script to SQL Management Studio and …

I've Made Another Blog

I've gone ahead and written another blog to test out this new blog system. We have gone ahead and successfully implemented child page fetching of data elements using Razor calls.